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About Our Barber Shop

What We Offer

Seward's Barber Academy, LLC - the Barber Shop - offers world-class cuts and shaves. We are known for our old-school barber shop services and classic shave and cut styling.  Master Barber/Instructor/Owner, Joseph Seward, Sr. has over 30 years' experience cutting hair, almost 15 years' experience as a barber instructor.  His son, Jovante Seward is a licensed Master Barber, with 10 year's experience.  Jovante is one of the first graduates of Seward's Barber Academy, LLC.  Whether you want a vintage, classic, or modern look, we're the barber shop for you!

Seward's Barber Academy, LLC - the Barber School - offers top-notched training to men and women aspiring to become LICENSED barbers. Barbering requires learning both theory (classroom) and practical (hands-on training) portions, for a total of 1100 hours.  In the theory/classroom, we cover barbering history, sanitation, hair and scalp care, anatomy, tools and equipment, chemistry, and barbershop management just to name a few topics.  The practical portion is when we have open clinic to serve the public, practicing grooming techniques on real live customers.  Students must pass both parts of the state examination in order to become licensed.

We offer a part-time and full-time program, which means students can set their own hours as long as they attend the classroom every week, and take the scheduled examinations.  Our prime location on Onville Road, provides high walk-in traffic, on which students can perfect their skills.  Students will learn to use clippers, scissors, straight razors, and all of the tools of the trade, all under the watchful eyes of the instructor/master barber and other licensed barbers.

Haircut & Style
Every haircut and shave is executed with precision and
style. We promise you'll walk out of here lookin' fresh.


Classic Shave
apply a hot towel and pre-shave cream to ensure you get the closest and most comfortable shave possible.


Beard or Moustache Trim
Beards and moustaches
are in. We will make sure your burly friend is tamed and styled to look better than ever.